Easy ways to improve app store ranking


                        Easy ways to improve app store ranking


Would not that be great if someone can give you some tips how you can bring your app to the highest level of app store ranking? App store ranking which is rising day by day is the demand of the programmers who launch it. They sit fingers crossed like stock exchange brokers for rising and lowering stock values. The app store ranking cab be improved by few tested and reliable methods. We have some tips for you to follow so can top them all and beat them in their home ground. Well these tips or easy ways are discussed below. But they would work only if practiced eagerly.

App designing:-

You can conduct a survey about the idea of an application that you want to design. Ask people what functions they want in the app. Placing the basis of the creation of application on proper market research will need less maintenance or improvements in the application later on. Children should have more colorful graphics employed in their applications. The details should be easier to follow for kids applications.


You are not in any business if you do not make your product well. Focus n the medium which is most popular among masses. The target is to look for the application’s user’s platform for information gathering. Older people go newspapers. Younger’s go for internet. Scholars go for the sites that are informative and have online educational journals uploaded on them. The programs of TV which have a wider audience should be given sponsorship. In their limited ad times bombard the right number of ads to create the maximum effect and induce the audience into buying the app. researchers have also come up with a time of a day when advertisements create the best induction. Use whichever medium you can but do market your product well.

Add features:-

The apps need to be maintained and improved over time. You need to keep on adding more and more features to get the audience hooked. It s a proven fact; that even children get used to watching the same thing; over and over again. So how come elderly people not get bored with something. The graphic designers, content writers, coders and marketing specialists should be constantly at work to improve the app quality. The app ranking will improve with the passage of time if all these things are considered seriously.