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If only I could elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)
So, we went to Germany. It was very nice trip. We took rides on these little Scooters or as the Germans called them, Electro rollers. Or something like that. I can’t really remember. But I can’t remember is that we had a great time. And that they had these scooters that did not use oil and gas. Basically, for fifty kilometers of riding, all you had to do was plug in a battery for five hours. Now, this would never work for me because my life takes me out the country pretty awesome, and they actually cap out at– would have been 45 kilometers an hour. On a highway in America, I’d be killed going the speed. However, if you’re living in a city, I think you should consider buying one of these things. They are pretty amazing. I know that UNU is focused on growing more internationally, but right now they only seem to be available in Germany. We saw them in Munich, Stuttgart, and Hamburg, and I would assume that they can be found another German major cities. We saw them in Berlin first. Which is where they are based. It would be great to see these and other places, and I’m quite certain that they have spread throughout Europe, even though we only went to Germany and saw them there, the company seem to be doing successfully enough, and I saw that Belgium’s you in division had actually sponsored them. So I assume that they are in Brussels as well. Anyway, I think this kind of convenient and environmentally awesome initiative should be taken up by more companies. My opinion, it is essential to the health of our planet so I think that UNU is doing a very Noble thing.

Making More Money

A lot of you may not know this about me, but I actually have a serious Hobby. Well, maybe it’s more than a hobby, It’s actually an extremely employable skill. I just never really get around to using it, for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in it. I’m just satisfied with my life and career, and haven’t felt the need to take up a new project that would be totally time-consuming, although it would surely generate a lot of Revenue. However, I’ve been thinking about ways to make more money lately. Don’t we all? A lot of my friends have been talking about it, and I’ve realized that their main obstacle is that they don’t actually have a skill that is totally desired on the market. I have a skill that is not as exciting as the things that many of my friends do, but there is always room for more of it in the modern Market. Are you curious yet? My skill is actually software engineering. I’m trained to be a programmer, even though I never actually do it very much. Surprising, right? Many people are very surprised, at least, and I understand why. I don’t exactly strike most people as a software engineer, especially because my life has veered so far away from that. But, that’s what my bachelor’s degrees in, and I intend on continuing to do this kind of work in the future, but not as a full-time staffer. You see, I’ve recently learned about the surge in IT outsourcing. Yes, this is a real thing, and it doesn’t just happen offshore. Many software Specialists are becoming Freelancers or starting small businesses, and larger organizations or other small businesses hire them on a contract basis to do certain tasks or take responsibility for specific software or programming needs. It seems like an interesting way to generate some extra profit in my life. I could use some more cash, as I really want to travel more often, and I didn’t put the pieces together and decide to do this until very recently. I’m very excited. Let me know if you have any tips.

An overview of Beacons, iBeacon and Eddystone

Beacons refer to small Bluetooth radio transmitters transmitting a single signal visible to other devices. It broadcasts radio signal comprising of letters and numbers combination transmitted at regular interval at 1/10 of a second. This is identical to your smartphone featuring a Bluetooth equipped device.

iBecaon and Beacon are interchangeably used as iBeacon is the Apple’s technology name that allows mobile apps to listen to the signals from beacons and to react. The iBeacon technology permits mobile apps to deliver contents hyper-contextual to users depending on a location. This is done by the Blueetooth Low Energy technology.


  • Apple launched iBeacon in December 2013. It works with Android and iOS
  • iBeacon transmits a 16digit numbers string UUID , Major and Minor 4 digits each.. They are not any tracking devices or mini-servers. The Apps do the tracking and are programmed to do so.
  • iBeacon requires an app that specific UUID to engage.
  • The UUID is the same for all iBeacons working on a specific app. In fact, the “Major” and “Minor” IDs are employed for unique identification.


Google announced Eddystone™ in July 2015. Initially it was called UriBeacon for some time and later the name changed to Eddystone.  Beacons supporting Eddystone use three frame types to transmit:  Eddystone-URL, Eddystone-UID or Eddystone-TLM. All the frame-types work with Android and iOS. Even a single beacon with Eddystone firmware transmits one, two or all three frame-types.

Eddystone-URL is the “Physical Web”beacon format, where you put content if you wish everybody to access it. However, Eddystone-URL does not need a custom app, yet certainly requires a beacon browser. The plus point is you need not build or develop an app. Eddystone-URL transmits a URL, that is a simple web page. Nothing complicated. You may link on the Internet to any site and such links can be managed easily with Physical Web Remote Control.


Eddystone-UID (App Beacon) -UID requires an app to receive the specific UID to engage. Eddystone is similar to iBeacon, and it only broadcasts a 16 digit characters string, divided into a 10 character where it includes“Namespace” and “Instance” a 6 character ID. Typically the Namespace helps in identifying an entity and the Instance that an individual beacon or two beacons have the same UID.

Eddystone-TLMEddystone-(TLM = Telemetry), TLM connects both App and Browser uses. The main function is to transmit from the beacon, sensor and administrative data. Currently this frame includes the battery state of the beacon, its temperature, the time of the power-on, but in the future may include other sensor data.

What you need to know about camping chairs


Choosing the best camping chairs, is not an easy task. You need to buy furniture items that are comfortable, durable and versatile. We are talking quality that comes at an affordable price.

Why should camping chairs be durable?

Camping chairs usually get thrown in and out of vehicles all the time. They are not exactly the kind of items that you are going to handle with care. They are dragged all the time across campsites and might be left unattended on your porch or in your garage for months. So you need a durable item that would still perform after years of use, and no significant maintenance.

Why should camping chairs be portable?

Portability is another key feature in camping chairs. They are usually brought along for beach trips, hunting trips and winter camps. They could be used for fishing days or outdoor cinema nights. They are also taken to the park by those who have problems sitting with their legs crossed on the ground. Camping chairs should be made from lightweight material so that anyone could carry them even if they have health problems.

Why should camping chairs be comfortable?

When you are choosing a camping chair, comfort is something that you shouldn’t ignore. You are bringing your camp chair along because you can’t sit on the ground for long hours. It should be comfortable to sit or maybe sleep on. Many people have hip or knee problems that prevent them from sitting comfortably on the ground. Heavy weight people face problems sitting on and getting up off the ground. For these reasons, camping chairs should be very comfortable to support the body even after long hours of use. The back should be curved in a way to support the spine and take some of the pressure off the lower back especially that with outdoor activities people tend to get tired. The legs should also be the right length so that the knees and hips are comfortable and not overly stretched. The design of the camping chair is of great importance.

Why should camping chairs be easy to set up?

Setting up a camping chair shouldn’t be a time consuming task. Given that it is suitable to use by grownups and kids, everybody should be able to set it up in no time. It shouldn’t require any tools or screws and should be safe to do as well.

There are a lot of options in the market and it is not easy to choose the best product. Understanding the importance and key features of the best camping chairs will definitely help you with your purchase decision.

Love Films from the 20th Century

Love Films from the 20th Century

Love is a recurrent topic in the big screen. If we were about to recount all movies about love, the list would never end. Since that would be a colossal task, we are sticking to those movies that are named just Love.

The first one was released in 1919, and ever since more than 25 other movies with that title have been launched. We have taken a trip to the past and will show you a recount of all the movies of the 20th century. Some of them are classics. Have you seen them all?

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